Now we know more about environmental issues of the Barents region
We marked all pollution sources on one interactive map. Here you can find out exactly how they affect the environment and what is being done to improve the situation. We have also added several sections with expert comments.

How does our map work?

The Barents region is rich in all sorts of mineral resources. It is not surprising that the region sees a rapid development of the mining industry, metallurgy, and oil and gas industry. In this context, the tasks of preserving the nature of the European Arctic and promoting sustainable development grow in relevance.

The interactive map will make the residents of the Barents region aware of the real environmental situation. To get information as regards the company you are interested in learning about, find it on the map.

Click on the company's icon, and a window with some basic data on this company (a company profile) will pop up. Such data include the company status, its date of incorporation, its rank in the sustainable development rating, as well as the estimated amount of emissions of harmful substances into the air and water. It is also supposed to indicate the level of greenhouse gas emissions and soil pollution in the vicinity of this company's facilities, as well as data on local flora and fauna.

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Our goals
What are environmental problems and how do they affect nature?
The nature of the Barents region is diverse and unique
The Barents region can boast of its natural riches. Covered with dazzling white snow and a carapace of shining ice, the region is stunningly beautiful. The largest untouched forests and tundra on the planet are preserved here. Forests and seas of the Barents region are home to rare and endangered species of plants and animals. Polar bear, Atlantic walrus, wild reindeer, bowhead whale and many others inhabit the region.

The Polar night and day and the Northern lights add mystery to the Barents region. These natural phenomena can be seen only above the Arctic circle.
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What is Barents Index?

The Polar Index of the Barents Region: Companies is the first specialized rating of companies operating in the Barents Euro-Arctic region. Polar Index is a joint project of the Expert center for Arctic Development (PORA) and the Environmental Economics Department at the Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Its goal is to promote the sustainable development principles in the Arctic. The rating methodology is based on the concept of sustainable development introduced by the UN that refers to balancing the economic, environmental and social components of development.

The rating calculation method is based upon three integral indicators:

  • Social and economic indicator – Human Development Index;
  • Social and ecological indicator – Happy Planet Index;
  • Ecological and economic indicator – Environmental Economics Index.

Each company is assigned a Sustainable Development Index ranging from 0 to 1 rounded to 3 decimal places. The greater the company's Index, the higher position it occupies in the rating. The first corporate sustainability rating for the Barents region was released in November 2018.

The following companies topped the rating: Equinor and DEA Norge (oil and gas, Norway), Boliden Group (mining and metallurgy, Finland/Sweden), and Agnico Eagle Mines, a gold mining company operating in Northern Finland. Russia's best performing companies were Rosneft and LUKOIL (oil and gas), NorNickel and Severstal (metallurgy), ALROSA (diamond mining), and PhosAgro (chemicals).

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The indicator is based on the qualitative characteristics of the company's public reporting on corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Environmental Resource Management

The indicator is based on the qualitative characteristics of the environmental management system (EMS) established by the company
International Financial Reporting Standards

The indicator is based on the company's financial performance as per the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

We strive to collect the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the companies of the Barents region. You can help us with this task! Any user can add new information to any company profile. If you are a resident of the area, and have something to tell the world about the environmental situation in the vicinity of a mining/industrial facility, or believe that a company profile lacks information, or are able to provide details about any marked object, feel free to use the feedback form. Upload your photos and videos, mark the location on the map, and describe the situation in detail in the comment section. Do not forget to leave your contact details!
If you represent a company, and wish to tell what is being done to introduce sustainability at your company's mining/production facilities, please fill in the questionnaire. We will contact you and suggest options for doing this, e.g. recording an interview with a CEO etc.
The acquired information will be processed, translated into three foreign languages and posted on the website.

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